We wanted to create a product that unites two of life's greatest pleasures, and we wanted it to taste as flavorful and smooth as our favorite cocktails. The magical union of top-shelf spirits and premium ice cream is a taste experience without compromise. Whether you lean into alcohol or dessert, PROOF meets you where you are, defying lifestyles, interests, cultures, and ages. As long as you're 21 or older, it's a spoon, pint, or frozen sip of sophisticated indulgence.

Join us on our journey to change the way people think about dessert.

Jenn Randall & Dirk Brown, Co-Founders

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Our Story

Jenn Randall and Dirk Brown lifted the lid on one of the most compelling new dessert categories to hit freezers in decades. PROOF Hard Ice Cream resulted from multiple years of intense product and market development. In 2018, their tenacity culminated in the ultra-creamy, award-winning indulgence that has become the gold standard for taste, mouthfeel, and quality worldwide.

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Our Process

Comfortably rooted in the spirits culture, our process begins with dedicated partnerships with some of the finest distillers in Kentucky, Tennessee, and worldwide.

Our harmonious flavor pairings evolve from a rigorous R&D practice that results in lush, lively, and ultra-creamy taste experiences featuring 5% ABV.

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find us in stores