Boozy Ice Cream To Indulge This Hot Summer

Advanced Mixology lists PROOF Hard Ice Cream as one of the top boozy ice creams to enjoy this summer.

They say:

"If you're anything like us on a hot summer day, then nothing sounds better than ice cream. But what if we told you that not all ice creams are created equal? Of course, they make delicious boozy versions of the classic dessert! You'll just have to do your taste-testing to see which one is best for you or your friends.

If there's ever been any doubt in our minds about whether it's possible to create alcoholic frozen desserts, then this article has definitely confirmed it. We will share various boozy ice cream brands that make refreshing treats so your summer heat can be cooled by something yummy.

See what we have in store, and maybe you'll find yourself craving an entirely different flavor than before!


PROOF was a legacy of multiple families that shared an old Kentucky recipe. The company was built by Jenn Randall, a former women’s basketball player of the University of South Carolina.

Their goal is to change people's view of dessert by making handcrafted products that use top-shelf liquor as a major ingredient. Due to the quality ingredients used, their boozy ice creams are savory and have an unmatched creamy consistency.

One of their most excellent products is Bourbon Caramel, which is a part of their Classic Collection. Each bite will melt your tongue with flavors of smooth caramel and hints of sweet vanilla.

Unlike the first item on this list, PROOF Bourbon Caramel has 5% ABV, but it is not overpowering. Instead, it helps enhance the flavor.

Other top-notch products from PROOF that you should check out are Mocha Chocolate Moonshine, Strawberry Moonshine, and Coconut Rum."

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