Managing Through COVID-19

Managing Through COVID-19

Liquorem Holdings—the parent company of PROOF Hard Ice Cream— has been closely monitoring the evolving situation of COVID-19 together with the rest of the world.

Liquorem Holdings’ first and primary concern is the health and wellbeing of our partners, customers, and our Liquorem family. We will continue to act thoughtfully and with perseverance despite the interruption and lack of certainty COVID-19 brings to daily life. As the leader in the new market category of alcohol ice cream, we are navigating the developing situation with agility while keeping a close eye on further developments as new information is made available daily. 

Liquorem’s core focus remains on two key priorities: Attentiveness to the health and safety of all and demonstrating an elite level of support to our retail partners to meet or exceed their needs during these challenging times.

The COVID-19 situation remains fluid and we continue to follow closely the guidelines of the CDC as we collaborate closely with S.C. DHEC to ensure we are not just meeting but exceeding all recommendations put forth by both the National and State authorities.

While we continue to take guidance from the CDC and our local health authorities, we have also instituted additional precautionary steps in our manufacturing facility. Only Liquorem Production Team Members are permitted direct access to the manufacturing facility. All other meetings, deliveries, tours, etc., are not permitted in the manufacturing facility until further notice from the CEO or Chairman. In addition to our extensive CGMP’s (Current Good Manufacturing Practices), Liquorem production team members are monitoring their baseline temperature before admittance to the manufacturing facility/production floor. While these additional precautionary steps are not required by regulatory agencies, we feel it is in the best interest of our partners, customers, and team members to go above and beyond the recommended standards until further notice.

We as a company, and I personally, are firmly committed to supporting our partners and our customers during these challenging times. My strong desire is that our team members, retail partners, and vendors will reflect back upon this Pandemic and be incredibly proud that they work with an organization that puts the needs and concerns of the people and communities they serve first. 

Liquorem will continue to stay in close contact with our partners and local health officials to ensure we are all working and supporting one another as we move forward together through this challenging time. 

Kindest regards,

Jennifer Randall

CEO Liquorem Holdings