PROOF Releases Its Newest Seasonal Flavor Available December Only

Columbia, SC – Just when you thought the holiday season couldn’t get more interesting, PROOF releases Peppermint Moonshine, the newest full-bodied addition to the hard ice cream company’s seasonal, palate-pleasing collection.

“Everywhere you turn, the flavor and smell of peppermint conjure up age-old traditions and fond family memories,” said PROOF Founder Jenn Randall. “We’ve been experimenting with peppermint for some time now, and in light of the off-the-wall year we’ve had, we decided it’s exactly what our customers need – something cool, refreshing, a little sentimental, and utterly decadent. It’s the perfect addition to your family gathering or holiday party.”

Headquartered in Columbia, SC, the growing hard ice cream company releases the wildly robust flavor on December 1, making it available for purchase in 200+ retail stores across North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, and online.

Peppermint Moonshine is available in limited release only, so if it’s your go-to flavor of the season, you better act quickly.

“More and more people are taking PROOF to dinner parties as a hostess gift rather than a bottle of wine,” Randall said. “It’s easy, light, and loved by all, whether you’re an alcohol consumer or not. PROOF reminds you that you only live once, so you better make time to indulge.”

Other holiday flavor favorites include Pistachio Rum, Apple Pie Moonshine, and PROOF’s number one fan-favorite, Bourbon Caramel.

Made daily in Columbia, SC, you can purchase PROOF online. Look for our red pints and coolers at Lowes Foods, Total Wine & More, Harris Teeter, and more.

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