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The name PROOF should always be written in all caps, and never used with the percent sign. Never use our old logos, nor any photos with our old containers.

  • Correct: We are now carrying PROOF Hard Ice Cream at our Main Street location!
  • Incorrect: We are now carrying Proof at our Main Street location!
  • Incorrect: We are now carrying PR%F at our Main Street location! 

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Just the Right Amount of Wrong

To create the first ever Hard Ice Cream with regulated levels of alcohol took a little crazy. And we have plenty of that. PROOF Hard Ice Cream combines top shelf spirits with handcrafted ice cream. Introducing a whole new level of indulgence to the world. With craft cocktail-inspired flavors and an ever-growing footprint, PROOF Hard Ice Cream is on a mission to bring just the right amount of wrong (5% Alc/Vol actually) to your freezer.

Our History

Born in Kentucky and crafted in South Carolina, PROOF pioneered the Hard Ice Cream category. Founded by Jenn Randall, a former University of South Carolina women’s basketball player. PROOF Hard Ice Cream is the result of an age-old Kentucky recipe, passed down through generations. By infusing premium alcohol and employing proprietary formulas and production techniques, PROOF introduced a dessert category that redefines the realms of post-dinner libations.

With an array of beloved flavors and the finest top-shelf liquors sourced from our distillery associates, we’ve transformed a simple ice cream into a sophisticated happy hour that’s available around the clock. Currently, Jenn, along with her business partner Dirk Brown, are distributing Hard Ice Cream across the nation, state-by-state, from our brand-new, high-tech manufacturing facility in Columbia, South Carolina.

Our Product

We produce a provocative mix of premium spirits and ice cream flavors bred from craft cocktail culture. With our patent-pending formula, we have the flexibility to work with a variety of liquors and the opportunity to consistently curate edgy new pairings that connect with our growing base.

Our current Hard Ice Cream flavors include Chocolate Espresso Martini, Sweet Caramel Old Fashioned, Tropical Piña Colada, Chocolate Cherry Manhattan, Strawberry Daiquiri Spritz and New York Cheesecake Martini with more flavors in the works waiting to invade your freezers.

Our products inspire life’s unique moments. They’re great for parties of any size—including parties of one.

What Makes Us Different

  • Female Founder – Jenn Randall-Collins
  • SC Certified product made daily in Columbia, SC 
  • 5% ABV / 10 PROOF
  • Proprietary formulas and production techniques 
  • Patent-pending process behind our creamy consistency 
  • Top-shelf liquor is a key ingredient rather than infused later in the process
  • Small-batch creation

We’re changing the way people think about dessert.


Bill Patterson