Our Flavors

Born in Kentucky. Made in South Carolina.

With the help of food science, we make our ice cream daily using premium spirits. Proprietary technology unites the molecules of two highly popular indulgences to create a modern, adults-only taste experience. Our flavor pairings represent some of our favorite cravings, and in addition to eating straight from the carton, we're always trying new ways to enjoy it. 

mocha chocolate moonshine

Layered and lively, this potent pairing pays homage to the great spirits makers reared in the hills of Kentucky and mountains of Tennessee, celebrating their unique art with a quality “shine” that continues on the palate with a sultry showcase of rich, mouthwatering chocolate. View Nutrition Facts & Ingredients

strawberry moonshine

Ripe berries give way to a uniquely bold finish of genuinely glorious moonshine. Its subtle sweetness draws you in, while its memorably enthusiastic kick carries you forward. View Nutrition Facts & Ingredients

bourbon caramel

Elegant and refined, this top-selling classic surrenders an unforgettable taste experience of delectable premium bourbon delicately dancing with glorious hints of smooth caramel and light notes of sweet vanilla. View Nutrition Facts & Ingredients

coconut rum

Light, playful, and fresh, this wildly popular pairing rushes in to greet you with the soft kiss of tropical fruit followed by a sensual showcase of pure, earthy richness. View Nutrition Facts & Ingredients

cheesecake moonshine

A harmonious blend of inventive flavors, this summertime treasure livens the palate with an inviting balance of crisp cheese notes, rich buttery spirits, and a splash of alluring sweetness that finishes big, bold, and strong. View Nutrition Facts & Ingredients

blackberry moonshine

A delectable union of fruit and lush spirits, this summer-loving combo sends the flavors of ripe, triple-crown berries and hints of butter to your taste buds, continuing crisply on the palate with a fresh splash of wildflowers. View Nutrition Facts & Ingredients

apple pie moonshine

A fall favorite, this sentimental seasonal pairing will elevate your tailgating parties and add mouthwatering richness to your Thanksgiving celebration. It's just that good. To see nutrition facts, click here.

pumpkin spice moonshine

The perfect fall flavor blend of cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves, this complex showcase of spicy spirits greets your taste buds with a memorable explosion of sultry moonshine. Bold, yet sweet, prepare yourself to come back for more. To see nutrition facts, click here.

peppermint moonshine

Sweet, savory, and a whole lot more, Peppermint Moonshine fills your holiday appetite with refreshing mint flavor, nestled perfectly in a warm blanket of top-shelf, richly-seasoned moonshine. Here's hoping you made the good list. To see nutrition facts, click here.

bourbon chocolate cherry

As classic as a Hallmark movie, this memorable flavor gives you more than just a rich dessert. It’s a rich dessert with a cherry on top. To see nutrition facts, click here.

pistachio rum

Bold and nutty. Sweet and savory. This holiday favorite gives new meaning to the words opposites attract. To see nutrition facts, click here.