Our Story


Jenn Randall and Dirk Brown lifted the lid on one of the most compelling new dessert categories to hit freezers in decades. PROOF Hard Ice Cream resulted from multiple years of intense product and market development. In 2018, their tenacity culminated in the ultra-creamy, award-winning indulgence that has become the gold standard for taste, mouthfeel, and quality worldwide.

Jenn is a Kentucky native with deep roots in bourbon country, and Dirk is originally from Canada and has lived in several countries, enjoying a broad range of liquors, wines, and beers. When the two met in South Carolina, identifying their shared passions, common vision, and complementary skill sets didn't take long.

As the story goes, a magical indulgence was born.

Jenn and Dirk's keen ability to understand and connect culinary arts, food science, regulatory approvals, and consumer tastes and demands has been the driving force behind bringing this incredible product to market.

Jenn is a former college athlete, political consultant, and food entrepreneur who brings determination, strong leadership, and domain expertise that are second to none. Dirk is a former Silicon Valley corporate executive, engineer, professor, investor, and serial entrepreneur with decades of operations experience.

And so it goes, magic happens when art meets science, practice meets theory, Yin meets Yang, and Jenn meets Dirk.

Together, the high-energy duo pours their hearts and souls into making an exemplary product people genuinely enjoy eating, drinking, sharing, and indulging.

PROOF makes its home in Columbia, South Carolina, where Jenn and Dirk have their spoons full when it comes to expanding into new states, growing the company's e-commerce business, and exploring new alcohol and ice cream pairings for the company's loyal consumer base.  

"There isn't a day that goes by that we don't love what we do and the people we do it with and for."

- Jenn Randall & Dirk Brown, Co-founders

Mission & Core Values

We look good in red and taste even better.

Creating PROOF requires an incredible amount of work, and we take our innovation seriously. We give 100% to our customers, retail partners, and distributors by living out our company mission to create the world's best hard ice cream delivered with world-class customer service.

Our team comprises passionate individuals with unique talents that align with the needs and goals of our growing company. Every member has a voice and commits to four core values:

  • Integrity
  • Dedication
  • Teamwork
  • Leadership

Social Responsibility

We’re serious about safety.

At PROOF, corporate responsibility is social responsibility. We believe in the responsible consumption of alcohol, ice cream, and hard ice cream, and we go the extra mile to prove it with a variety of safety measures, including among others:

  • Tamper-Proof Lids
  • Adult-Oriented Red Packaging
  • 21+ Age Signifier on All Packaging
  • Age Gating on UPC Codes

Retail Partners

There's PROOF in our partnerships.

From independent retailers to minor league baseball stadiums, we value our retail partners and their ability to think differently about dessert. At the end of the day, we all deserve an indulgently smooth cocktail or creamy pint of PROOF.