Proof Hard Ice Cream Releases "Not Your Momma's Apple Pie" Fall Flavor Favorite

Columbia, SC – Just in time for tailgating, Thanksgiving, and other fall festivities spent with family and friends, PROOF Hard Ice Cream is releasing one of its annual favorites – Apple Pie Moonshine. 

If you love the taste of sweet apples, cinnamon, and buttery pie crust, Apple Pie Moonshine delivers all that and more. Hence, the snappy slogan, “Not Your Momma’s Apple Pie.” 

“The fall season brings people together for so many different reasons, and when they are together, eating usually takes center stage,” says PROOF founder Jenn Randall. “PROOF is the perfect addition to family gatherings and other special events because it’s a delicious and fun product to eat and share.” 

A pint of Apple Pie Moonshine contains 5% ABV (Alcohol by Volume) or 10 PROOF, and the company’s patent-pending formula creates a creamy consistency in every bite. 

Made daily in Columbia, SC, PROOF’s mixology team dedicates a significant portion of its time to developing new flavor pairings based on what’s popular, but they also draw from personal experiences and memories like dessert-sharing around the Thanksgiving table. 

Randall says, “Add Apple Pie Moonshine to your dessert menu and Thanksgiving will never be the same. It will be distinctively better.” 

PROOF Hard Ice Cream is available in retail outlets across the Carolinas and online. 

Stay tuned for additional flavor releases in mid-November and December. To learn more about PROOF’s founder and products, contact